No.1 Akikozome explained


Akikozome is a mud-dyeing technique using lake-bottom soil from Shibayama Lagoon and water sourced from Katayamazu Onsen.
With a pale purple color, this technique was named after the poet Akiko Yosano, who penned the poem: "The wind blows/pale purple waves move/Katayamazu in early spring."
This is a unique dyeing technique developed as a result of hot springs research by Kazue Tazaki, Professor Emeritus at Kanazawa University.
It's easy for even children to take part in every step of the process.
One of the appeals of this technique is that, since the fabric is tie-dyed, each item has a different look.
With a custom pattern and dye, this is the perfect item for a souvenir.


Hanakan geisha call-office

Experience venue 2-2 Mo Katayamazu Onsen, Kaga-shi >MAP
Hours 10:00〜16:00(Lunch break 12:00〜13:00)
※Reservations given priority
Experience time 40-90 minutes depending on the material
Price Experience fee: Handkerchief 1,000 JPY, scarf 2,000 JPY
All materials are silk
Telephone number 0761-74-7778
HP 「晶子染め日記」

Please make a reservation in advance with the Katayamazu Chamber of Commerce and Industry "TEL0761-74-7778 FAX0761-75-7009" for group bookings (10 people or more).